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Creating a Magical Space


The historic Baldwin water tower is on private property. You are free to look around and join as we create a very unique space. This water tower is our inspiration for fun and creativity. We hope it can inspire you too! What would you turn an old water tower into? Send us your drawings of fun and wild ideas!


Community Garden

East Baldwin’s first circular garden is home to abundant annuals, herbs and a great place for kids and adults to learn and explore.  Come get your hands dirty in our soil!

Help us expand our garden efforts to reach more people here!


Eating healthy shouldn’t be monetarily prohibitive.  You pay what you feel at the perch.  When things start ripening in the garden, it’ll be filling up fast.  However, we will always have some sort of surprise or new item that’ll stimulate your taste buds or your mind.  Stop by every time that you are passing through.



Our self-serve café is stocked with everything you’ll need to brew up a hot coffee, tea or yerba mate drink.  In exchange we hope you commit to a mission that will make the world more awesome.  Just read over the challenges at the cafe and commit to something you can do by writing your name and what you agreed to do in exchange for your drink.   Serve yourself something hot & delicious.  Enjoy!


Puzzle Exchange Box

Take a puzzle, leave a puzzle or swap puzzles; we’ve got a jigsaw puzzle swap box next to the road for your puzzling pleasure.  Please fill out one of the slips inside the puzzle box and indicate if there are any missing pieces in the puzzle(s) you are dropping off.

Coming soon: A Puzzle Café with the largest collection of vintage Springbok puzzles in the world!

People's Puzzles is up and running!

The Little Buddy

Our 10,000 gallon tank on the property got a huge facelift. The “Teeter-Go-Round” will probably be famous one day and we are blown away by how fun and genius this Dan Dreke creation turned out. Our slide and picnic table are new additions to the water tower’s “Little Buddy” that make perching and getting down from the top much more fun. We cleaned out the entirety of the inside and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. Ready for muralists to bring their skills and creativity to this unique circular space in 2023.



We believe in bicycles.  We believe in the beauty and power of bicycles to propel people, towns and move the world forward.  We host bicycle travelers through warm showers, offer Bicycle Benefits and host rides and events.  We have an extensive network of marked off-road trails and can give you good advice for moving around the area on two wheels.  Stay tuned for bicycle rentals and repairs in the future. 

In 2023 we will be organizing and leading a 3 day ride to the Common Ground Fair September 18th – 20th!

We are transforming a water tower and it’s property into a creative palace where life can grow, perch, explore and unite.

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Instagram: @peoplesperch