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The you and I of this project.  There is a deep sense of yearning to more intimately connect to one another, to the earth and to our own beings.  We have historically and hastily built up places, systems and products which disconnect us.  Our mission of growing food and creating a radical space which inspires movement, engagement and reflection can help undo this disconnect while bringing more beauty and awe into our lives.  We are transforming a 130 foot  water tower, and the 2 acres which it sits upon, into an exploratory garden for our minds, bodies and spirits.  We invite you to help bring this inspiring community project to life. Show up and get dirty with us OR donate items/provide a monetary donation based on our “People’s Perch Registry”.

Stay up to date on our progress through our Facebook page or Instagram. Send us a message at  

The Perchers

Ian Klepetar

Modern day explorer, author and Bicycle Benefits founder Ian Klepetar found his way to Baldwin while riding to Portland, Maine in the summer of 2020. The Historical Water Tower caught his eye and had him daydreaming of the wild awe inspiring possibilities. Klepetar wrote to the previous owner and shared his dream to transform such a place into a gathering space that would educate, inspire and engage. Now holding the deed to the property and thrilled to help create a magical place in the neighborhood, Ian will be welcoming travelers, friends and residents to The People's Perch in order to activate their bodies, move their minds and connect with others.

Montana Morris


Montana is a passionate gardener and community organizer. When she’s not in the garden or working towards social justice she loves adventuring in the woods, swimming in lakes and dancing in unusual places. She thrives on bringing people together to have fun and make the world a better place. Montana is poised to make the People’s Perch a lively community space which connects people to one another through growing healthy and delicious food and fun, engaging community events.

Dan Dreke

Dan is a craftsperson who’s interest draws from the relationship between materials and how they are affected by their environment. He has worked around the country on sculptures, furniture design, and fabrication, both in large scale and small intimate pieces.

Maria Lopez

Markie Schmidt

Markie is honored to contribute art & design to the People’s Perch adventure! She loves discovering wisdom and magic in the world via travel and connecting with nature, practices herbalism and permaculture, loves growing and sharing food, and runs a design studio for progressive initiatives called Good Land Creative. She’ll be traveling around with her bike and green school bus this summer, and hopes to share some tea with you at the People’s Perch!

ADrian Perez

Adrian is an industrial designer with experience working both small scale and large scale projects. With a variety of skills, he is passionate about innovation and enjoys solving complex problems through design. He has an overt commitment to sustainability. When it comes to deciding on materials for a project, Adrian is devoted to intentional material usage, often refusing to use anything plastic-based. He’s a family-man, bicycle lover, and adventurer, and looks forward to collaborating at People’s Perch.

Naty Esteban

Natalia Esteban loves the mountains and adventures in all shapes, sizes and forms.  She has built websites and created community campaigns for the last 15 years.  Her passion to bring travelers and friends together coupled with her great knowledge of creating solid and successful projects has brought much excitement to the perch.

Marce Ruiz

Welder by day, outdoor adventurer by night and weekend. Marcelo has built multiple community climbing structures and outdoor education programs in Argentina and now brings his skills and enthusiasm to the perch. Tierra del Fuego is where Ruiz calls home and we are super excited that he will be bringing his metal working and ingenuity to Maine.

More Awesome people who brought the magic to the perch

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