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People's Perch
Play - Grow - Connect

The 120 foot water tower stands tall and mighty as the centerpiece & historical marker of East Baldwin, Maine.  We aim to preserve and beautify the tower, bring life to the property and become a welcoming hub for our guests.  We want to help you move your body, activate your mind and provide a magical and memorable experience for all who stop by. 

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The Perch Check out some different amenities we offer at the Perch!

Dreams & Visions – We’ve got some wacky ideas for the future. Browse these sketches of water tower futures and submit your own imaginative ideas!

Gallery – Get a sense of the fun from afar and send us any cool pics you’ve take of the water tower or perch.

The People – Some current main contributors and their bios. Get involved and get your name and picture up here!

Support Us! – Donate, subscribe and follow us online. We need a whole community of support to make this possible!

Visit – Activities and expectations for guests at the Perch.

Events – Get involved in our previous and upcoming events.

News – The Perch has been featured in some local media!

Newsletter – Check out our first newsletter summing up our 2021 start up year.

History – We are collecting history of the area focused on the water tower. Learn something new. If you have other old pictures of history of the water tower please share them with us! — 518-396-8376 — @peoplesperch — 243 Pequawket Trail, East Baldwin Maine 04024



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Sat. 9-2 pm  / 1.8 miles